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    The Most Useful Websites and Web Apps

    The most useful websites helps your company to increase productivity. The websites listed solve at least one problem really well.


    Presentations: Create slide decks and broadcast your presentations online Download images absolutely free Create Videos and branded stories for Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube Remove the background from any photograph or icon the background from GIFs and videos Easily broadcast yourself live over the Internet Create diagrams, wireframe, and flowcharts in the browser Share really big files online Create graphics, presentations, business cards, resumes, and more


    Business Startup: Business Plan tips, templates, and financial tables UK government website offering business start-up advice

    Virus Scanning: free service to scan any suspicious file or email attachment for viruses

    Calculations: compute expert-level answers using algorithms and AI technology solve maths problems with step-by-step explanations

    Collaboration: Share files directly between devices in the same network Create a private chat room

    Communication: Send rich-text emails with gmail mail merge Manage all your social media outputs and networks in one place

    MailChimp:- Manage mail lists and integrate with other apps and services

    Networking: Connect all your links and social media profiles at one page

    Organization: Organize your projects for free Team management, task allocation, and to-do lists

    fiverr workspace:- Business management tool to organize, get business, and get paid Create, sign and send legal agreements in seconds

    ECONOMICS Library of links to free datasets from The Economics Network


    Education: Learn to code for free online Learn to touch-type and increase your typing speed online (MAC) A directory of free online courses offered by universities Learn anything with online video courses

    Writing: Speech recognition to write in Google Chrome Upload an image of text to instantly identify the fonts Collection of open-source fonts useable anywhere without restriction Check your writing for spelling, style, and grammatical errors


    Design resources:- GitHub library of links to design resources for web developers Collection of links to keyboard shortcuts for a wide selection of software

    Do you know any useful website that is missing from the list? Please let us know via @twitter, or in the comments below.


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