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About Us

About Us

The Little Square Capital helps you Design, Build and Execute your financial future.

The Way We Work

We launched the Little Square Post to provide smarter, more efficient coverage of the factors we believe are affecting investment and capital allocation decisions in a fast-changing world.

We pledge to deliver articles that inform, analyse and explain, and provide context (historically, legally, and geopolitically) of our presentation form.

Outside of the laws of physics and thermodynamics, we don’t believe there are absolute facts!

We believe people who are into selling “an absolute truth” are out to fool others. Apart from commenting on specific processes, ALL our news commentary are opinions on the key issues and the points publicly presented as facts!

We seek to always question, what?, why?, who?, how?, and who stands to gain?… we challenge how the actions and promises of today impact on the future, to seek the true intentions behind actions and words!

You can expect us to be transparent about all the facts we use to comment on events and actions. We will sacrifice volume for quality. We will sacrifice speed for precision.

We are committed to cover the details of topics of greatest consequence with sceptical, clinical and critical eyes to present a balanced picture.

Our Pledge to Transparency

We seek to be an authoritative and trusted voice, focused on high-quality content, with a distribution to a global network. We will slowly build that voice with the support of our network of partners and affiliates.

  • We think every voice should be heard – although we’ll tend to promote rational progressive voices, especially when not heard much elsewhere.
  • We’d like you to become a member of our newsroom – particularly if you are diligent in writing with integrity.
  • We’re interested in getting the most rational angles on stories.
  • We want to be systematic and organised in our analysis of events and situations.
  • We’ll go out of our way to hear from you and listen to other people.

We will provide free access to the majority of our content (our opinions) although more in-depth research pieces with investment advice and specific investment opportunities will be for professional investors (and other eligible counterparties) only.

What We Do

We chronicle the latest developments in the Real Assets industries, including news and analysis about Investments, Commodities, Energy, Natural Resources Companies, listed-Infrastructure, Real Estate and the industries providing services to the above.

The Real Assets Economy is not only about the companies, their technologies, their resources, or their capital, it’s about regulators and policymakers, inventors and visionaries, and everyday people shaping and creating the world we live in.

If you would like to submit an article to The Little Square Post, please refer to our submission guidelines.

The Little Square Post is published by Little Square Capital, a leading financial services firm active in the Real Economy sectors.

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