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Johan Rode

Johan Rode is co-founder and CEO of Little Square Capital (www.littlesquarecapital.com). Johan lives in the UK with his wife and three children, a dog, and a cat. Johan is a CFA Charter holder, and focus on Investment analysis, Capital Allocation, and Business Development.

Learn why Buffett backed LEE for his newspaper holdings.

The swap of Berkshire’s equity interest in their newspaper portfolio for credit to Lee Enterprises Inc. (NYSE:LEE) in 2020, has been seen as an...

Eunice Foote – the forgotten Climate Scientist

In 1856, an American woman, Eunice Foote became the first person to propose that higher carbon dioxide levels would lead to a warmer planet....

Books to help Boost your Investment Return

A list of treasured books and articles that are included to help you boost your investment return over the long term.

Popular Scale-up Resources

Scale-up resources can build operational and technical infrastructure, forge a go-to-market strategy, and inform competitive positioning. This is part of a series of articles helping you, as a Business Starter, to communicate information, scale-up your business cost-effectively, and improve your chances for success in finding investors.

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